Professional Photographer Calculator & Pricing Guide

Hey there, I'm Tomayia. I created a little something special for you! It's a photography pricing calculator to help determining your prices for clients much easier! 

“Stop struggling with your photography business. Start lighting up the world from your unique angle.”

I created this pricing calculator to give you control over your business and understand how to charge a rate to make a profit. So that you can learn how to price your sessions better, so you can start to point, click and profit. 

  • Know exactly how much to charge and start making a profit so you can escape the freelancer grind and scale your business.

  • Set your income goals and the receive a personalized plan detailing the number of sessions, costs, expenses and more.

  • Understand the true costs of every session so you can plan and scale your profits based on your monthly goals.

  • Get a clear picture of the photography business side and what it takes to point, click and profit your way to financial success.

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